What are the main packaging materials and forms in real life

Product packaging is an important part of the product, it not only plays a protective role in the transportati...

2021-03-02 326
"Minimalism" in packaging design!

Emphasis on function and light decoration is a very important design principle of minimalism packaging design,...

2021-03-02 314
Reasonable selection of cosmetic packaging materials

Cosmetics generally rely on packaging in order to achieve good sales. Plastic and glass are the most important...

2021-03-02 322
Humanization is the key to success in packaging design

Product packaging design refers to "in order to ensure that the original state and quality of goods will ...

2021-03-02 315
The relationship between packaging design and product design

Products and product packaging are an inseparable combination, which can not be seen separately, especially fo...

2021-03-02 314
How to choose vacuum aluminum foil bag

Although new packaging forms develop rapidly, traditional packaging forms still occupy a dominant position, es...

2021-03-02 317